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/rt    |    You can Random Teleport (teleport to a random place in warzone), it has a cooldown of 10 seconds.
/spawn    |    Go to Spawn, it has a cooldown of 7 seconds.
/warp    |    Gives you a list of all the warps available.
/kit    |    Gives you a list of all kits available to you.
/sethome    |    Sets a Home in the location you are currently standing in.
/home    |    Teleports to the Home you set. (You have to set a home before teleporting there).
/ah    |    Opens the Auction House GUI, where you can buy and sell stuff to other players.
/msg (username)    |    Privately Message players.
/r    |    Reply to the person who messaged you.

/f create (name)    |    Creates a faction.
/f kick (username)    |    Kicks said person from the faction.
/f invite (username)    |    Invites said person to your faction.
/f show (faction name)    |    Shows information about the faction you are in, or if you add a Faction Name it shows information about that faction.
/f sethome    |    Sets a home for your faction to teleport to.
/f home    |    Teleports you to your faction's home.
/f setwarp (name)    |    Creates a warp for your faction.
/f warp (name)    |    Warps you to said warp.
/f mod (username)    |    Promotes Players in the faction to higher ranks.