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Ren, Aang's doppleganger, comes from a world of destruction and pain.
In his world, when the Avatar is chosen, instead of protecting the world and bringing peace to it, The Avatar has to destroy and conquer the world, and rule it as his own.
He has no mercy, or sense of justice, he does as he wishes and will destroy anything that comes in his path.

Where to Find: 
Once you go to /spawn you can find Ren by going straight, then into the pink portal inside the tree, then once you're at his portal, click him.
Then, to start the fight click the Ready Sign.

Aang Glider or Firejet to dodge
Shackle to Combo him
FrostBreath to get him stuck
WarriorStance to deal more damage
Use a high damage weapon like a Pearl Dagger or Chi Gauntlet
Circle around him so you can dodge his attacks

He uses a variety of moves, all immensely strong.
He's very strong, Projectiles dont hurt him, and lower tier weapons do almost to zero damage to him.
He has alot of health, it takes a skilled Bender to take him down.

Ren Helmet

Ren Chestplate

Ren Leggings

Ren Boots

Ren Axe

Ren Shield

10x Diamonds

2x Netherite